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Betta Sleep ?

Hi all! We started here with a small 2 gallon tank for our 1st Betta. It seemed small, but far better than the bowl which he came in. Anyway, he graduated to a 10 gallon, which must've seemed like a palace all of a sudden,Lol! For some reason though, I kept the 2 gallon maintained hoping to house a new Betta someday. Someday came, and a beautiful veiltail named Lucky is it's sole occupant. His water temp is 78, but I've noticed when he sleeps, it's always on the bottom. Is this normal? Aragon (10 gallon) goes in a castle at night, so hard to tell if he's sleeping or not (think he is though). Also, do any of you think Lucky needs a tank mate, or is he satisfied by himself? As always, thanks for the input!
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Mine sleeps at the bottom of her tank, either in a nook she made next to one of her plants or right on the root bulb of the plant. Many Bettas sleep on the bottom, so unless he stays down there all the time or has trouble getting to the top, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Jmho but I think Betta do best when the are housed alone. Sometimes they really dont like tank mates. If you do get one do lots of research to find one that would work for you. Dwarf cories are a good mate as they clean the tank like crazy and the betta barely notice them. They prefer to be in a group of at least 4. Some may tell you ADFs make a good mate but there is a chance the frog could attack the betta and others have betta like mine and the frog gets attacked. Oh..betta will sleep almost anywhere and many prefer the bottom.
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