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New Mwle betta not eating

(please ignore typo in title can't edit it)

all right so i'm not sure where this lands but i thought i ask.So monday grandma and I went to petsmart to pick out a betta fish for her and we got this betta beautiful boy by the way he's blackish blue with red on him.anyway grandma chose him cause she felt bad for him cause he looked too big for the cup he was in which means he's probably adult i don't know how old he is i don't know how to tell age of a betta i doubt he's been there long at the store though cause i never seen him and i look at the bettas everytime i got and remember a few i've seen that have yet to be bought so i think he was probably part of the new shipment of fish they got his cup was kinda dirty though now that i think about it.

my bettas that i have my female is a baby and i am just assuming my red male is a year old at the least cause when he got transfered he was gettig too big for his cup too.

anywho we brought home the new betta and let him adjust to the temprature.but when i release him jhe like flailed like he was having trouble getting right side up and crashing to the bottom before swiming away and ilet him swim out of the net to XD.

so after that we tried to feed him six pellets and i get my bettas attention if they arn't where i want them so they can eat but when we tried getting the new one to eat he just sat in one corner of the tank the whole time looking at his reflection and i said oh well we'll try again later let's see if he'll adjust first and i came back and left a few blood worms not sure if he ate them since i leftthe room since he wasn't swimming at them and decide dto leave it be.

so today i got to feed him and he does the same thing ignore the food,ignores the blodworms and just stares at his reflection.i don't think he is very active either cause yesterday i saw him swim a little bit go in his hideouts and then back to the corner and he sat in a plant or two.but he just won't eat and i'm gonna feel bad if grandma picked a sick betta cause mine are healthy little butt munchers well accept one still growing his fins back but he's still healthy either way.

the new fish is in a 5 gallon tank,has a heater,filtered,and cycled.

i am think he's still adjusting but i am asking for my grandma just in case,like i said the guy is beautiful no loss in color or anything .just not too active and not eating

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I would leave him alone for a couple of days as far as feeding him. going from the little, filthy cup to a 5g clean, heated tank can be a bit of a shock. Out of curiosity, when was the last water? You may want to the test water just make sure there isn't any problem there. What about the filter? Is it possibly to much for him? Sometimes when I get a new Betta I leave the filter off for a day or two so they can adjust to the bigger surroundings then I turn on the filter, which I keep the outflow baffled so its not too much at once.
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i would check the water. It sounds like its not treated. When i got my betta he didnt move, wouldnt eat, and seemed deppressed. Turns out i didnt treat the water . XD so i'd look into that.
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