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Lighting Question...

I am thinking about taking the NPT plunge but, I am concerned that the lighting on one of my tanks isn't going to suport any plant life.
This is one of my tanks that I want to convert to a NPT
Does anyone know if that lighting will support any plant life and if so, what types of plants? If not, any recommendations on a new lighting that would work for that tank?
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Proper color temp is what is more important for live plants-What I use are florescent 6500k bulbs-watts will vary based on length of bulb.

I haven't used the LED's lights for planted tanks and I don't really know that much about them-with that said, the research I have done on LED and live plants-is that you need special LED's rated for plants and they are pretty expensive.

With that LED factory light on that tank-you might be able to grow lower light plants like-Anubias, ferns, crypts and some moss-but I wouldn't recommend a soil based, since that LED most likely will not support the species of plants needed for NPT's. You could add another light rated for plants so you could provide the photoperiod needed-as well as place it near a East or West facing window for indirect sunlight
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I'm Interested in this as well. I currently have a 5 gallon tank from walmart that came with a LED hood. I have 2 Anubias and 1 Java fern. They seem to be doing ok, but not great. I've been looking into other lighting options. I really don't want to buy the standard hood lighting because I think it takes away from the tank, especially a smaller tank. I really like the low profile of the LED lights, but I can't find much Information on what makes good LED growing lights. I know Marineland makes some pretty expensive reef lights that are supposed to work well for planted aquariums, and a knock off company called beamworks makes some at reasonable prices and they seem to have decent reviews. I just wish I could find an "aquascape lighting guide for dummies" or something...
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You could do some 'low light' plants without changing your lighting.

Some good plants are:
  • Java moss
  • Java Fern
  • Some Crypts
  • Anubias Nana
Make sure you have a good substrate like Eco-complete or Flourite, Co2, and Flourish Excel which adds nutrients so your plants will grow.
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Just take off the light (or keep it if it has a moonlight setting), and get a nice, attractive desk lamp with a bright bulb marked "daylight" and problem solved! That tank isn't so large that a desk lamp can't cover it. You could even put two if you needed to.
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