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Cool Red's New Gigs...

So... first time posting in this area, after a set of crisises involving a swim bladder disorder and a rockslide ending in a broken heater in freezing temps, i had to redesign the tank. BTW... the heater is still broke, please help with a clever solution untill i can afford a heater, it is 45* outside right no and this tank is in front of a window! Anyway, it is a 29 gallon tall tank that uses "Live Rock" Live Rock is a bacterial substance. it is natural to salt water and looks alot like coral. IT HAS BEEN DESALINIZED!!!!! NO HATERS!!! After my idiot brother, who fancies himself a salt water fish expert, left the rocks outside for 2 YEARS, i "borrowed" them permenantly. the non white rocks that arent gravel are just random rocks from our 20 acre estate that i cleaned then boiled for 10 mins. living in the tank are 30+ guppies and counting, Red (crowntail male), 3 neon tetras (getting 3 more soon hopefully), 2 apple snails, and 1 rosey red minnow. The rosey red, Nana, has conquered the cave as her own, she is the tank's Queen, Red is the non betrothed king. The largest tetra and also the Lord tetra is Nippy, reason for the name is obvious. Nana puts Nippy in line like an actual Nanny. Not all of the guppies have names. The filter was maade for a 55 gallon, but it was for free. here's a pic. What do you guys think, AND NO HATERS ON THE LIVE ROCK!!!!!
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It's pretty cool. I like tanks that use lots of rocks...just wondering though, won't they mess with your water params?
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I did some minor research and rocks can raise Ph, its effects on the fish depend on hardiness of the fish and what your Ph is out of the tap. I was going to do all slate in my 20L til I found that out and I already have high Ph out of the faucet. I opted for drift wood and some small rocks to hold down the plants. Nice tank though! Looks great.
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it did, i had to use purified water from the refridgerator to fill it. when i did, i couldn't find a bucket to hold the water so i could take alot of water to the tank. so i used 8oz cups to fill ALL 29 GALLONS of the tank. that took me 3 hours. now i have me bucket. the ph, with the rocks, is 7.8... not too hard for the betta and perfect for the guppies, i don't have a proper test kit but i do have a swimming pool kit. i have also taken my water to the LFS and tested it. thank you for the nice comments. still no heater. i have a i placed a pile of blankets on the tank that is 1 foot tall to trap heat in there. it now maintains a solid 73*F in there.
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29 gal tall, betta, live rock

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