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Question New betta won't eat!!!!

As kind of an early birthday present for myself, I got a 10-gallon tank, new accessories, and a tank mate for Diva (my femal CT) on Sunday she's a red veil tail named Saya. When I first put her in the tank (which has 1 tbsp of aquarium salts and 2 tsp of water conditioner. Too much, I know. I mixed up the sample thing of tetrasafe with bettasafe.) the woman at petco said that all they needed were a lot of plants and they wouldn't attack each other. Well, as soon as she finished sizing up the tank, Saya started chasing Diva around. Now there's a divider (Saya was in a 3/4 gallon starter tank for two days while we waited for the divider in the mail) Saya has the side with the filter and is usher around by the current, but she hangs out in the skull cave and plastic plants I got for her, and I'm planning on getting a biofilter thingie to put in the front to calm down the current.

Anywhoooo since i got her a few days ago, she barely eats the bettamin I give her and Diva. She eats it, then spits it out like a little brat. I even tried giving her these baby pellets that came with the 3/4 gallon tank.and she seems to be eating those, but is working against the current to get to them. Meanwhile, Diva's on the calm side perfectly fine.
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Unfortunately the pet store people are usually not very knowledgable & give out bad information quite frequently. In order to have a sorrority it is typically advised to have a minimum of 5 females to spread out the aggression which you could do in your 10g tank. You do need LOTS of plants real or silk with some caves. The aq salt is unnecessary, IMO, unless you are specifically treating for an illness. Have you read about the nitrogen cycle? Here's a link: It sounds complicated but really isn't. You are now doing a fish IN cycle which means you will need to test the water daily & do the appropriate water changes to keep your fish healthy. As for the filter, what kind is it? I would switch to Prime as your water conditioner, it works on pretty much anything your tap water could have in it & takes drops per gallon. There are ways of baffling it so that it has less flow. You can put it in the middle of the tank so the return is equal on both sides of the divider. You could put a prefilter sponge on the intake, you could do the water bottle trick for the output. I would replace whatever cartridge is in the filter with sponge. The sponge will last much longer, all you will need to do is once a week squeeze it in USED tank water when you do a water change. The eating issue, not uncommon. Until you decide how to handle the filter, turn it off during feeding or get a feeding ring. I'm not familiar with the Bettamin but you've had her a few days, they can take a while to adjust. Most on here recommend New Life Spectrum & Omega One pellets. Good luck & ask more questions if need be.
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