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Wow, I totally forgot I created this thread! HAHA

The peach colored veiltail with blue eyes from my OP went to an amazing home!
At my work, this lady came up to the counter with a betta and started asking about care for them, because her other had died after a short time. I asked about water changes (she had a one gallon) and she said she changed it once a week maybe. The lady standing behind her (who had the peach male) said, "Wow thats not enough, that's probably why he died" and supported me as I explained that one gallons are hard to heat and need frequent water changes. She then told the other lady that her bettas were kept in 5 gallons aquariums! Sadly, I don't think that convinced the first lady to get a bigger tank but at least my fave boy went to a good home. She even updated me on him a week later, said he's doing great.

I now have 4 total, got a new female from my work. She has some really bad fin rot but is improving well.
(Our animal care lady who cleans the animal pens etc is useless with fish and so I'm really the only one who cleans the betta cups...ugh stupid cups I hate them... and I'm not there everyday since I only work part time. I try to get them done at least 3x a week)
Sorry if that sounds defensive, but I didn't want anyone thinking "OMG why would you let it get that bad!!" I'm trying my best to improve how the bettas are kept, should have seen the cups we used to use. They held literally a cup of water, ugh.

Anywayyyy, I just bought a 5 gal on Ebay, which should be arriving soon, and I have my eye on a 10 gallon, which will either end up as a sorority, or a community tank I haven't decided yet
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