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Driftwood Issues

Hi all - I am currently cycling my 5-gallon filtered/heated Betta tank. I dropped in some driftwood a few days ago and noticed an area that had a patch of what looked like a gel-like substance on it. Of course I stuck my hand in there and touched it, and it dissipated into weird little flaky bits that drifted all over my tank. Any idea what this could be? I put a cycling agent and some flake food in to speed up the process. Other than that I don't put anything in.

I know the picture sucks (phone camera and the water is still a bit stained from tannins), but you can get the idea of the floaty substance.

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any info.

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Reference Team
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This is very common for new driftwood. It looks unsightly, but is harmless and usually goes away after a couple of weeks.
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I'm having the same issue with some new Mopani driftwood but I had read about it beforehand. The stuff can get pretty thick and it makes the water stinky (my Betta seems completely oblivious) quickly. If you have a siphon, the stuff will siphon right off, it's not really "stuck" to it. It may come back, but when it bothers you (until this phase is over), the siphon makes quick work of it. It does seem to grow quickly, I'm doing every other day or so changes and it gets pretty thick in the meantime.
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try boiling the wood. I always boil my driftwood before i use it.
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Once it has the fungus, which is natural for all driftwood, don't boil it! It can make it much more dangerous than it is. The only danger it poses now is how your tank looks. Soon bacteria will develop which eats it or snails or shrimp will eat it. It is actually really healthy for them to eat it as well.

So it is a harmless fungus that won't hurt anything, the only thing to do is nothing. Unless you want to siphon it off to keep it in smaller amounts, which is fine.
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Thanks for the quick replies everyone! I did boil the driftwood while changing the water for a few hours before I put it in, but I didn't soak it for any longer. I will just depend on my future snail (and possibly a few ghosties) to keep it under control.
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