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External Parasite?

One of my female bettas has what looks like a tiny grain of sand stuck to her caudul fin. A picture would be of no use since the thing is tiny, and I could barely see it, but I know it's there. It really looks like a speck of dust or sand. She has no other symptoms and eats like a pig. She currently has a 2.5 gallon tank heated at 80-82 for herself until she is done quarantining to be released into the sorority.
The only medication I have right now is malachite green, which I don't want to use unless she is in serious danger. (I heard its pretty strong)
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I don't see what that could be. I wouldn't add anything just yet, but instead for now you should just keep an eye on it and make sure there is no growth. If anything is getting bigger or if she starts swelling up something is wrong. Just keep an eye out is my advice. Hopefully, its nothing.
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malachite green will likely give your fish permanant damage...

so hold of for a while and start with a conservative treatment if you suspect parasites.

heat tank slowly up to 86F and treat with up to 3tsp/gallon aquarium salt. start slowly with the salt (1 tsp/gallon) also make sure that you dissolve the salt first in water before pouring it in the tank.
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