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Betta and Apple Snail

I got my betta and snail about 3 months ago. Originally they were in a 1 gallon acrylic tank for a couple weeks until I became educated on the needs of betta fish. Currently I have a 5.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater. Over the past 3 months there have been no problems with the betta and snail being together, but lately the betta has been flaring at the snail. The snail closed up and was just floating around the tank for a day not sticking to the walls or anything so I took him out and he seemed fine, so after a water change I put him back in and the betta is still flaring at him once in a while. There is no nipping or anything like that, so I just don't want them to be stressed out for no reason. Anything I can do, or would separating them be the only option?
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Hmmm, my Bettas did the opposite, picked on the snail in the beginning & then settled. It can happen that a Betta becomes aggressive later, one of my females has done so. If its constant I would separate them if its occasional I wouldn't worry about it. How heavily planted is your tank? Extra cover might help a little. If you do separate, Apple snails are supposed to be in a minimum of 2.5g.
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