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what the best way to move

what the best way to move 20 long planted .
what i mean is just drain most of the water leave the plants and move ive outgrown the fish room my niece was nice enough to let me setup in her house shes never home whats the best way to move thanks in advance t
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Well, I had to move my 10 G tank. IT was a pain in the rump! You need to remove all live stock (save for any MTS you might have. Leave just enough water to keep the soil/sand/gravel damp. Maybe even a little more. Then be super careful.

Having said this I didn't loose anything when I moved my tank. I'm dreading having to move my 29 come the summer.
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The biggest issues you can have with moving a tank with anything in it....Its that accidental twist that crack/split a seal.....Especially with larger tanks-when you have any extra weight and this can still happen with empty tanks too....

One wrong twist and a tiny crack/split in a seal-you can get a (usually slow) leak that you don't find out about until the next morning when you wake up to a half full tank and wet floor.....

I would take all the water out and have at least 2-3 people to help move the tank and if you can use a board or something under the tank to help with the move and place it on a flat surface-like the bed of a truck. If it sits in the back seat of a car it may not be level enough and the weight shift can split a seal...This way you can avoid or limit any twisting when moving the tank-especially with any added weight.

Been there done what a mess and it happened in my brand new house too. Once the house was built and we moved everything over and this was just less than 50feet move from one house to another. My 29gal tank that was fine for 4 years-drained all the water out-fish in a bucket-setup the tank-looked great and the next morning....oh my....what a mess on my brand new carpet.....

Good luck.....
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Old 11-07-2012, 08:35 AM   #4 
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thank you that tank is not moving i had a feeling 1 wrong move and its over lol wifey will have to deel im putting my fry in there tonight
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