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Originally Posted by deso View Post
Jasper is gorgeous! Reminds me somewhat of the colour combination that my boy as seen in my avatar has, black copper and red with the cute little white tips on the ventrals. But Jasper seems to be a true copper, less dark with less red wash, and doesn't have the "wild spots" on his fins. It's not a very common colouration, so you can feel quite lucky to have him! Like Homegrown Terror, I'd expect those red splotches on him to grow and for his general colour to darken a bit as he settles in.
Can't wait to see the splotches grow a bit more. It was so cool just to see them arrive in the first place. I remember when the very first spot came in a few weeks ago. I thought he had a disease! I panicked! Luckily, some quick internet searches confirmed that he would be okay. Can't wait for him to get a bit darker, like your avatar!
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Pretty fishies :)
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Quantum is a flare monster! His body is nearly 3 inches long, and he loves to flare at his little grizzle VT neighbor. He shares his 2.5 gal with a couple of guppy fry that I just can't seem to catch and take out. He likes to herd them: not injure them, just chase them and gather them into a little group. Such a silly fishy!
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I know the question about coppers flaring wasn't for me, but I have to give some input because I've noticed the same things!

Perhaps many coppers are a peaceful and intelligent lot, because mine doesn't flare either, unless you really force him to do so with a mirror. He'll even stop whatever he's doing and swim right up to you if you beckon at him with your finger :) If my boyfriend or I are using the computer next to him, he'll sit on the leaves in the corner closest to us and watch. It's also clear that he recognises the colour blue (the cap on his bottle of food is blue) - he'll swim up to the corner of the tank in which I feed him and start begging if he sees anything in that shade of blue!

At the moment, Jasper may not flare because he's still getting used to his home and "defining his territory". When I moved Modi into a new tank, he was scared to death of his own reflection. Wouldn't flare, got stress stripes and all.

I'd be quite curious as well as to if personality traits and level of aggressiveness in bettas are completely random, or are based on their tail type or colouration.
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Just a random thing here, but with my bettas (previous and current) I've noticed the reds tend to be a little hotter/aggressive. We had a solid red CT that would flare at the drop of a hat. But I've noticed the greens/blues I've had tend to be more mellow.
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I've noticed that my plakats have been the most aggressive, then my veiltails, then my halfmoon, then my delta, but all my boys are little flare monsters. Maybe Quantum is just older and calmer.
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