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Sisters betta is sick

So my sisters betta Flare is not doing well.
Housing - 10 gal heated tank no filter
Feeding - Omega 1 betta pellets 6-8 total everyday. Fed twice a day.
Fish health - My sister has had Flare for about a month now. When we got him he was energetic and in good health it seems. My sister does not understand the work it takes to keep a betta. She did 1 water change in total and has green - brown algae on the bottom of the tank. A white fungus was also growing. I removed him and now have him in a .5 gal bowl the water seems to be warm. He lays on the bottom a lot and hasn't bubble nested. When in his big tank he just floated by the heater and didn't move much in his bowl he lays on the bottom. I believe he has ammonia poisoning but don't know how to treat it.
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I believe daily 100% water changes and aquarium salt added at 1tsp per gal maybe be a good start for healing from ammonia poisoning.

Just remember that using aquarium salt has a 10-day max medication session, so after 10 days of using aquarium salt after every water change, you'll have to give him a break from it before using it again.
But hopefully by the end of 10 days of usage, he'll be well on his way to recovering.

You might want to get a slightly larger tank than a half gallon along with a heater for it to use as a hospital/emergency tank and to keep the water around 80F along with ensuring that you add the correct amount of water conditioner to the water before putting the fish in it.

A 10gallon tank is a wonderful home but just because its large does not mean you don't have to do any water changes.

For an unfiltered 10g tank, you should be doing at least a 50% water change a week with a 100% water change at least once a month to clean everything of any slime or algae.

Always add water conditioner to the amount of water you're adding back in before you pour it in the tank.

If you get a filter for the 10g, you can reduce the 50% water change down to 25%, but would still need to do a 100% at least once a month to, again, keep everything clean of slime or algae.

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I have a hospital tank but Calypso is in it currently but tonight she will be moved into her 5 gal so he can have the hospital tank. I will treat him with aq salt and IAL. Lots of clean water.
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