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Originally Posted by gemsbok View Post

I wasn't aware that betta fish are capable of damaging themselves to that extent overnight. Perhaps you're right. Why would he only bite himself when I'm not looking, though? Is there anything I can do to prevent it, besides staring at him for the rest of his life? :P
He wouldn't bite when you're around because he can pay attention to you. Of course you couldn't stare at him forever :D. But you can have lots of decorations in his tank to explore. You can also put interesting things outside of his tank to look at, and you can change those around to keep them around. A lot of people have had good luck with that. You don't have to buy anything special, but you could put pictures next to his tank, flowers, toys, etc, and change them around now and then. My fish loves to look at the things outside, and loves it when I put something new there, she'll stare at it for hours, from as many different angles as she can.
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He appears to have white edges on the fins which leads me to believe his fins are healing. Sometimes it takes a long time especially with that much finnage missing for them to grow back. One of my females took months to regrow her badly damage fin.
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Alright. Thanks everyone! I'll try entertaining him more from now on. :)
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Hi all - reading this post with interest because of a case of "sudden holes and shredding" with my own Delta tail boy - started with holes and progressed to all of his fins over about a week. No redness or other discoloration - just the holes+shredding. He's in a cycled 5 gallon hex tank with a small heater + filter + a few silk plants and we've had him since early summer. He hasn't had any problems until this - we did have an unplanned longish period of time between water changes recently - about 2 + 1/2 weeks where we got some brown algae, but otherwise we change/test regularly and have good water quality. the filter flow seems to be higher with a higher water level in the tank, but we've had him long enough to go through many water changes and varying water levels so don't think that's it. What is the basic protocol with a salt treatment? How much/volume and can I add it directly to his tank or does it need to be a separate bath? It doesn't appear that he has any secondary infections (yet) but I'd hate to treat him with medicine he doesn't need that could be harmful. Or if you suggest meds at this point, which ones? His appetite/attitude are completely fine and intact. :)
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