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I am a college student so I understand the tight budget. Do the very best you can do. The AQ salt should treat the fin rot. If the betta has fin rot and pop eye do not use the AQ salt. AQ salt can cause the body to hold in liquid. That is bad for pop eye. Pop eye in this case is most likely bacterial. When the bacteria infects the area behind the eye, the blood can bubble causeing swelling. If untreated the fish can lose his eye. Go to walgreens and get their REGULAR epsom salt and do a couple salt baths a day. about .5 teaspoons for every half gallon. These baths should be in treated water and should last no more than 5 minutes. After the pop eye is gone treat the fin rot with AQ salt. Hope this helps. :)
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epsom price

Epsom salt is like $5
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What are you treating the water with?
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First rule of fishie ownership - DO NOT listen to petco or petsmart or any other petshop! I also learned that one the hard way and killed a few fish before finding out i need water conditioner

Moving on - so you have the 2.5 divided with 2 fish. One new one and the one with fin rot, correct? The problem with dividing the 2.5 is not really the small size but has more to do with the ammonia buildup in the water from the 2 fish.

If lack of money is an issue, a cheap solution is to keep one fish alone in the 2.5 and move the other to one of those sterelite storage bins. A 5 gallon tank is like $15 but you can get a 5 gallon storage bin for like $5. Granted, it's not the fanciest thing in the world to have on display but it's cheap and you can always get a real tank at a later date.

I upgraded it to this, which is about 20 gallons or so. I think the bin was on sale for $7.

However, if you would rather go with an actual tank, walmart should have the 1 gallon hawkeye corner tank for about $10. It was a light, and undergravel filter thing with an airstone and pump. I removed that - took up too much room.

For cheap heaters - try searching amazon or ebay. I got most of my 25 watt heaters for about $10 off ebay . It may take a few days or so but you will eventually find some for a good price.

As for bettafix- yay and nay. Some people say its a wonder drug, others say it killed their betta. It has a tea tree oil in it that many people say will harm their breathing organ. Personally, I think if you do not over dose, you should be OK. I have used it before as it was the only thing I could find. I think alot of the "bad" was either that the owners did not follow directions OR the fish was in worse shape then just fin rot. Petco dosen't sell any useful meds like Furan 2 or Tetracycline.

If he ONLY has fin rot - that is easy to fix. Clean, warm water is usually all that is needed. Some people like to add in 1 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon as well. DO not use salt for more then 10-14 days and do daily 100% water changes. Basic fin rot does not need to be treated with medication - unless it is fast moving or about to attack the body of the fish.

However for the popeye - Epsom salt is probably best. It will help draw out the fluid by the eye whereas AQ salt will help him retain it. The treatment is the same - 1 teaspoon per gallon with 100% daily water changes. However, unlike AQ salt - Epsom can be used long term.

ERYTHROMYCIN should work for both popeye and fin rot
API Pro Series; ERYTHROMYCIN -$8.59 Jump to Shopping Cart

*10 powder packets for 10 gallons each
*Premium aerobic gram positive bacterial treatment for bacterium such as Streptococcus infections in fish
*For many eye infections
*Some causes of pop-eye
*Bacterial gill disease

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Not sure if anyone mentioned in note to the bettafix any of the products eith fix at the end like mellafix and primafix as well as betta fix are a do not use with these fish.
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I gallon isn't all that great either - once you add a heater, decor, etc. it's not very much water volume.

The very first bettas I got I did the exact same thing - got a 2.5g with a divider and 2 bettas - a blue and a red. Came home, started doing some research and realized it was too small and decided to return one of them the next day. Woke up the next morning, saw that the red one had jumped the divider (they hadn't fought tho), declared him the winner and took the blue guy back. So I am not saying to return one of the fish to be mean - I'm saying it because it's best for the fish and for you right now as well. You need time to learn proper betta care and your sick betta needs all of your attention and resources right now. They are pets and should be treated with love and respect.
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Tip. Because they can see each other, they know that there is a rival on the other side. A see through us one thing, but when u have holes, diesease has a better chance of spreading. Also cause they CAN c each other, one might jump the divider
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Thank you mods!
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Ok guys, it's great to try and be helpful, but please dont read about the tank size and jump on it according toyour own opinions of how big a betta's habitat should be. it is definitely not OP's primary point of concern.
1.25 gallons of water for one betta is perfectly acceptable providing the tank is well looked after.

A 2 week absence will probably even kill two fish in an uncycled 5 gallon....

it's the care not the tank size...

that said, I do also agree with "bigger is better" notion. So if you do get a hance to upgrade, do go for it.

You are on to a good start with the heater. 60F is way to cold for betta fish, 78-82 is a good temperature and will help healing.

aquarium salt is fine for fin rot. however it does look like he is clamped because he is cold/uncomfortable.

Your fish looks like a grizzle to me, and unless he's darting against surfaces and looks coppery under a flash light, I would rule out velvet.

provide the fish with a proper heated environment first, then if any problems still persists, we can hel yoi tackle that later.

you can heat a 1 gallon bowl just fine by propping a heater upright. you do not need a flat surface. I recommend 25w adjustable heaters for 1 gallon bowls/tanks. I wish you the best of luck. My fingers are lind of froEn in the weather even though i want to type more. I'll see what else ican add for you later...
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Thank u all for the help!! I really appreciate it! And thanks to the mods cause some people are not that helpful but can be very mean...

Vio didn't make it. :( Did the Epsom salt, she had a heater and was in a quarantine 1 gal tank. At the end her poppy eye was bloody and it popped and his upper portion including head where like a goldish color...

So ive Decided to leave the tank for just 1 fish and ReD is doing fine, later on will get another 2.5 tank for my room...

I'm tryin to decide on a heater with a variable setting. Is a 50W ok for a 2.5 gal?

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fin rot, new betta owner, poppy eye, treatments

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