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Color ideas?

So I got this guy at wal-mart tonight. They got a brand new shipment in yesterday. Says he's a veiltail. I'm going back tomorrow I think when I get Epsom salt for Cooper, and getting the blue veiltail that has a horrible case of fin rot. His tail fin is a nub. Anyway, I got this guy and was curious as to his color pattern. He's washed out some and has stress stripes right now. But in the store he was a dark black, with turquoise and red coloring. The black on his fins is see through. Just curious as to what tail type and color pattern you all thought he might be.

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homegrown terror
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they both look like a variation on the "classic" coloration (blue or blue-green body and red fins) although the VT has some interestingly clear almost-butterflying going on. why is one cup in the other guy's tank? was that just for flaring exercise/photos? it's a lot safer and healthier to just use a mirror for that. as for the CT, i can't be certain but that looks more like fin biting to me. see how the damage is localised to areas where he can reach with his mouth? his tail and the trailing edge of his anal are tattered, but the front edges are unharmed? what that says to me is that he's been biting. that could, however, LEAD to fin rot if it's left untreated. you should pick up some aquarium salt. epsom salt works wonders for internal problems, but it doesn't do a thing for externals, such as fin rot, fin damage or cuts and abrasions. also, i'd take those plastic plants out and replace them with eithelive or silk plants. you can get nice ones of either at petco (if you happen to go to the petco in murfreesboro, tell them the crazy betta people with the facial piercings sent you, they'll know who you're talking about!)
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I didn't know there was a Petco in Murfreesboro. Where abouts? I'm in Shelbyville. The CT is actually a veil tail. ( The filter shredded it, on top of him stressing when I moved him into his 5 gallon. He's actually a steel blue color with a little red in his fins. The new guy is a pretty black... Or was in the store. I think he's a juv. so will be interesting to see what he looks like when he's older. I set him in there to warm his water up in the cup while I was setting up the quarantine tank. It's been cold as heck here and his water was on the cold side of cool by the time we got home. The flaring pics were a side bonus. Cooper (VT looks like a CT) doesn't flare at his reflection. Smart kid. He flares at me, but not anything else. lol The new guy has settled into his tank and the stress stripes are starting to disappear. They also had a salamander (?) dalmatian butterfly w/ the clear cellophane type fins. Cooper was treated with AQ salt, but he nipped again after I stopped the treatment.
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