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Do I feed my bettas right?

Hi guys, Saphira here.
I was wondering if I'm feeding my bettas enough. I feed them each four "pellets" when I wake up and one freeze-dried bloodworm before bed. they seem perfectly happy to me, but I was wondering if I was giving bloodworms too often or if I should feed them more "pellets" also, if there's anything else they might like as a treat, suggestions welcome!

thanks for your help, Saphira
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Well, it largely depends on the size of your pellets. 4 might be a bit much, or it might be perfect. Try to figure out about how many would fit on his eye, as that is about the same size as the stomach.

As for the freezedried, I would only give those as treats a couple times a week, and they should be re-hydrated before feeding to help prevent bloat. A much better alternative to freeze-dried is frozen. They do not lose the nutrients like freeze-dried.

Other options would be a variety of live foods. There are some risks in feeding live, but you get the best nutrition from live foods because they are not processed. Both Petco and Petsmart often sell the wingless fruitfly cultures. A few members set water out and harvest mosquito larva. Some members also sell various worm cultures. Small ghost shrimp might become betta food, though they are known for being somewhat aggressive towards bettas, especially if your betta doesn't want to eat them and they grow up.

Oh, and I almost forgot, but my female betta hunts snails. She will grab the meaty part and knock the shell against the glass until it comes out.
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Depends how big the pellets are. Four at one time is usually too much. Try splitting it into two feedings. Bloodworms should be given as a treat and fed no more than once s week.
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thank you, thank you, thank you. you guys are awesome! I'm going to start feeding my bettas differently now. great advice!
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