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Happy Hollow

Guess what? My little rescue Hollow has finished recovering and is now growing back his new tail and full of more surprises. He actually was suppose to have black coloring at the end to his tail and fins which had been eaten away from fin rot but is growing in with the new pale tale and coloring up. Some of his tail still looks really torn up and I'm starting to wonder if some parts are ever going to heal. I know he is going to get a few scars from his ammonia burns which are clear but as time goes on they should be less noticeable. He's even been blowing bubble nests in his hospital tank the past few days and super flustered when they get destroyed in the daily cleaning...which leads us to two new portions of his journey.

Today is Hollows move from the hospital tank into a more permanent residence or more so a tank suited for a fish who isn't ill to live in it. More toys, more plants, and gravel which he hasn't seen in two weeks now. He went from his .5 hospital tank back up into a 1.5 gallon home or more so will be. Right now he's sitting next to me in his cup waiting for the water to calm down and heat up a little. I didn't want to plunk him into cool water so we shall let the heater toast it up to a comfortable 78 right now together. With more space to swim and less stress from constant water changes...and lots and lots of stress coat I am looking forward to his tail coming back more and more. He's a BEAUTIFUL swimmer and when I say that I mean every movement is like dancing so with more room hopefully he will be able to show off better for everyone who comes to visit and teach them his mean aquatic dancing skills.

Final journey of Hollows story...his forever home. After I move to MN at the end of November I'll be looking for his forever home. Now i have gotten very attached to this little guy but I still feel if someone out there knows they could love him as i do and if he can bring them joy then i will be happy to set them up and start their lives together. If it turns out Hollow doesn't belong anywhere but the comfort of my home then I already have plans for his forever tank setup, a 10 gallon since he is active and a beautiful mover and shaker, more space, more swimming room, more chances to show off right xD. But yes if the event comes no one would be willing to take Hollow to a forever home then I can say with all my heart I would be proud to be his mommy till the end of his life. I'll make sure to get pictures of his new home soon and with him swimming around. I am also trying to get some video of him swimming since he is so beautiful in his movement. I'll have to say Hollow re-sparked my love for veiltails and even if he does find happiness with someone else I'll always hold him in a special place in my heart. He was a real honor to save.
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Awesome! Hes a lucky little betta.
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