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Old 02-18-2008, 09:31 AM   #1 
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I have a couple of quetions......

Ok so this is my first betta fish and I want to know how to take really good care of it.
I have a 2.5 galllon bowl is that to small and I dont think i can get a 5 so maybe a 3 or 4??
I feed him some flakes and about 2 pellets a day around 4 is that good?
I'm going to get him some frozen brineshrimp and how many should I feed him of those?

I dont have a heater but I have natural sunlight and a lamp and then at about 6 the lamp goes off and it is night time for him thats okay right?
He is a very colorful and seems to like his tank/bowl and that's good I also dont have a filter but I do a 75% water change every week is that good?

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You are on the right track, a small heater would help keep the temp steady and a small filter would benefit the betta to reduce and eliminate ammonia and nitrites.

Feeding is whatever they eat but not too much. 4 pellets a day is fine with a couple flakes but with no flitration you need to remove anything uneaten right away.
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A good website with good prices for all pet equipment is Drs Foster and Smith. They sell a very small filter, as well as a very small heater. Here are the links:


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Thank you you have been a really big help and I appreciate it soo much!
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