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Originally Posted by MissLyss1024 View Post
I love my mother, but she is so stubborn!! She has a 10 gallon she's had set up for 5 months now that started with 3 tetras. I thought for sure they wouldn't live. She doesn't clean the tank or do ANY water changes. EVER. Shockingly, they are still alive. A few weeks ago she added 2 chinese algae eaters, a big one that's about 4 inches long and a smaller 2-3 inch one. I went shopping with her today and couldn't talk her out of getting more fish! She got 4 more tetras (not sure what kind they all are, just that they're tetras) and she also got a female betta not knowing it was one. This pet store had 2 female bettas in a tank with a ton of other fish. One had a protruding white eye and both of them had clamped fins, you could tell the poor things were so stressed! I also noticed a few of the fish in the tank darting around rubbing against everything so I'm sure these new fish she just brought home and threw in the tank have itch. I BEGGED her to give me the betta so I could treat her and give her a quiet happy and clean home but she refused. I try to guide her and tell her to clean the tank, that's too many fish, get a better heater and thermometer but she thinks her way is right, I'm wrong and I think I'm some sort of "fish expert." Am I crazy and over reacting or is this a bad situation? I need some guidance! She's one of the "bettas can live in a cup of cold water and thrive" people even though I've tried my hardest to educate her but she doesn't care. No doubt I'm going to be worried about her fishies, especially that beautiful betta girl
I realize I'm bumping this thread but... What happen..? Did your mom fix the tank? Did any of the fish die? Did you save the girl betta?
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I myself would do a water change/treatment when she is out and not tell her. I don't want you to get in trouble.
Merry Christmas :)
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Even if the cycle is fully established, when the nitrates reach high enough all the fish will eventually die and then maybe she'll listen.. this is horrible :( I'm sorry your mom has to learn how to keep fish well the hard way.
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Miss, I'm glad she was at least a bit more conscientious with your raising :) Good luck... parents can be so tough to train
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Unfortunately the female betta died a few days later :( All the others seem fine, surprisingly no illnesses whatsoever. I gave up trying to help her with them. Even when they do all die because she refuses to take care of them the right way it'll only be a matter of days before she goes to the pet store and stocks the tank again with too many fish /fish that shouldn't be together. I probably won't even be able to get her to at least clean the tank out before she does.
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Oh dear. I'm sorry. It would be tough to have to live with that right in your house! But, sometimes, no matter how much you try to convince someone, it just doesn't work. Especially if they're stubborn and think that they're always right!

And the stories of what happens in stores sometimes are just terrible! Just today I was at the pet store and saw a Betta in with the goldfish! I mentioned it to a worker, but she just shrugged me off and said that they were okay living together. Then I saw them most gorgeous CT, but my tank isn't cycled yet, so I had to leave him.
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