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I'm hearing that it interferes with the betta's ability to draw air from the surface.

My LFS recommended it to help with fin regrowth.

Anyone lend their experience and knowledge with this one?
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I've heard that anything with -fix contains a form of tea tree oil which can coat the labyrinth lung which can cause problems with their breathing ability.

Warm, clean water will help with fin regrowth, you can also do an aquarium salt treatment cycle to facilitate fin regrowth.
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Indeed. I've spoken to various people including knowledgable staff at a dedicated aquatics centre about this and things like Primafix, Melafix and Bettafix all contain tea tree oil which coats the labyrinth organ thus rendering it difficult for the betta to breathe. It's also been reported that the -fix medications can cause fin melt.

Clean, warm water is usually the best way to start encouraging fin regrowth alongside high quality foods packed with protein. If clean, warm water doesn't suffice then, depending on cause, a number of other treatments can be utilized such as aquarium salt (in low dosages for no longer than 10 - 14 days as it can cause the internal organs of a betta to fail after this time), anti-fungal or anti-bacterial medications.

In the case of elderly fish or fin biters it isn't uncommon for infections such as fin rot to take root and be difficult to cure, it's also not uncommon for bettas kept in hard water to have difficulty regrowing fins (it can take longer).
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Melafix and Bettafix (just a diluted form of Melafix) contain melaleuca (tea tree oil), which can indeed interfere with the labyrinth organ. Some folks have had good luck with it, some folks have had bad luck with it. If you do use it, correct dosage is extremely important.

Pimafix contains, among other things, clove oil. Clove oil is used to humanely euthanize bettas, so you can bet that correct dosage is super important with Pimafix, also.

Warmth, aquarium salt, and maybe a little Stress Coat+ is a conservative approach that often gets good results.
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