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Is this normal behaviour?

I got my first betta yesterday (a gorgeous blue/purple/red veiltail with a really cute face) and put him in my heated 5g tank (with live plants) etc.

He ate a few pellets straight away yesterday but is now spitting them out immediately.. is he just not hungry or does he not like them?

He's also been alternating between swimming around and 'sleeping' on the bottom/in his cave/on the side of the filter/on the plants etc though I'd say mostly swimming around. If I put my fingers in he'll swim up and nudge them and I can see him watching me as we speak.

He's also making a sort of froth next to the filter, on the top of the water - I thought it was just the filter making bubbles but then I saw them coming out of his mouth!

Is this all okay or should I be worried about any of it?

Thank you!
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homegrown terror
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the spitting probably means you're giving him pellets that are too big or too hard for him to swallow whole, so he eats them, a bit tears off in his mouth and he spits the rest out.

as for the froth, that's called bubblenesting. bettas do it when they're in breeding mode, if you were to actually breed him, that's where he'd stick the eggs once they're fertilised.
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Hello and welcome!

First of all, it seems as though you did your research before buying your fish and for that I, as well as the rest of the community here, thank you. As for his eating habits, it is normal for some betta fish to take time before eating regularly. Often they are just adjusting to their new home. Just make sure his food has good nutrition and you should have no problems. The adjustment period can usually take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your fish.

As for he froth, that is a bubble nest. Betta fish create those out of instinct and they do so by blowing bubbles from their mouths. Please let us know if you have any other questions or if you notice any strange behavior. Again, welcome to the forum and enjoy your stay!
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