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Dying Betta Fish

We've just rescued a male Betta from walmart. He has fin rot that has progressed extremely far. His scales are falling off. He leans to one side. And his eyes are cloudy.
Original water was full of his decaying body and scales.
We've treated his fresh water with Quick Start, Prime, and an Ick preventative. There a betta hammock in the bottom for him. His water is around 74 degrees Fahrenheit.
Does anyone have any suggestions to what else we can do for him? He's in really bad shape, but I'd love for him to make it. Thank you so much!
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i would check out the betta section of the forum, which you can also get to by going to Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care

its the same login, same members and everything. there are some really knowledgeable people there, and tbh i never even look at this part of the forum. if you post in the disease section they'll be able to help you

my advice, i would say get a heater, keep it between 78-82 degrees F, because they do WAY better in warmer water, and i believe they live in water in the wild that stays around that temp. also the only additives i'd use if i were you are prime, and since he's sick, some aquarium salt at 1 tsp/gallon.

i dont know much else about disease, but those are measure i'd take with a sick betta coming home. hope this helped, and that someone in the betta section can help!!
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Agree with the temperate. Maybe try a broad spectrum medication that would treat fungus and bacteria Best of luck.
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Up his temperature a bit. Ideal temp for Bettas is between 76-82.
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