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Water conditioner recommendations?

I'm confused by all the various types of water conditioner. What's the "best" water conditioner for me to use?

I have a bare-bottomed 3 gallon critter keeper with silk plants. No filter, no live plants. I do one complete and one partial water change each week. I also "vacuum" the bottom with a turkey baster daily to remove visible waste.

I'm currently using Top Fin Betta Water Conditioner. Is there a difference between Top Fin's *betta* water conditioner, and their regular water conditioner? (Same for other brands. Is there actually a difference in the ingredients, or is this a marketing tactic?)

Are some brands better than others? I've seen mention of Prime, but seeing as how I'm doing frequent water changes, will it be beneficial to use this over other brands?

Thank you!
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I don't think There really isn't much difference between 'betta' water conditioner and regular water conditioner.

I really like using API stress coat, because it isn't too much more expensive than other water conditioners, and it contains aloe which can help your fish heal from any tail/fin tears, missing scales, and other injuries. I believe it can also help relieve stress. It can be used as just a stress coat, but it also helps remove ammonia, heavy metals, and other harmful things from the water to prep it for your tank.
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Edit: lol ^+1

I do not know the difference between those Top Fin conditioners, but conditioners really come down to preference. I like Prim a lot because it does a lot to the water like taking care of ammonia, harmful metals, and obviously chlorine. I ran out a few weeks ago and I was kind of bummed that it wasn't on sale. Stress Coat was so I got a big bottle of that. Stress Coat is useful because you can use it as a treatment for fin rot or damage, so you don't add anything except maybe double the dose of conditioner. I find that useful. But as long as your conditioner take the chlorine out, it's all good. :)
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