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What can I get?

I want to get like some sort of algae eater. I don't know whetehr to get a fish, shrimp, or snail. I am leaning towards NO on snail b/c I put a snail in there once and Junior attacked it! Like, bit it and ate some of its body =/. So I took the snail out and the next day, I found a tiny baby snail that Junior was also trying to attack so I had to take THAT one out. My husband brought home a new plant and there was ANOTHER snail that Junior attacked.

I'm afraid that if I get anything significantly smaller, like snail OR shrimp, he will attack it or become stressed out that its in there.

But I am also afraid to get a fish of some sort b/c I don't want the fish to end up attacking Junior or stressing Junior out.

Suggestions to calm my fears?
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How big is your tank?
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oops sorry. 10 g, heavily planted
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I sugest an oto catfish, which can fit comfortably in a 10 gallon, and from what i have heard, get along great with bettas. I have never owned one, but i love them! They are algae eaters, but you should also consider some blanched veggies or algae wafers. They also get up to 5 cm, so your betta should leave the oto catfish alone, and the oto catfish should leave your betta alone, too.

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