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what do you term "rescue fish "

I notice that allot of people call their new Betta, "rescue fish ". What exactly do you mean by "rescue fish ". Is it every Betta purchased from a pet store ?
Please share why so many call fish they buy, "rescue '.
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I would say, for the most part, yes it's every betta from a pet store as they usually are not taken good care of.
Here, I think when someone refers to a rescue betta, they mean a betta that was somehow sick before they purchased it. A lot of them include bettas that are missing fins.
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Location: Red River, NM
Generally people term them "rescue fish" if when they were purchased, the conditions the fish were in were so horrible that there was no way anyone was going to buy it, nor would the fish survive much longer. Usually, the fish is ailing from one or more ailments and the water is murky with rotting food and fish waste. Sometimes, they are rescued from being flushed, since some pet stores will just get rid of the fish if they are ill rather than medicate and clean the water.
However, some people use the term "rescue fish" if they were bought from a pet store or wal-mart, regardless of the conditions - they could be perfectly healthy with sparkling clean water - but since they were in such small containers, the new owner feels that they rescued him or her from a horrible life in a tiny, cold cup.
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