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I've always been into fish, but back before it was so easy to have so much information available at your fingertips, you had to go by books or what the person at the fish store told you.

Suffice to say we picked a bad store with a person only looking to make a sale and that completely turned me off the hobby for years.

Then my dad went away, leaving his goldfish in my care. He had rinsed out their filter in tap water and when one died of dropsy I did a lot of googling and realised that I knew practically nothing about fish. So the goldfish got a much needed upgrade and stopped dying, and I got back into fish.

I've always hated how they got kept in tiny, dirty bowls. So once I felt I knew enough, I went out and purchased my first betta. Unfortunately, I killed him through not cycling my tank properly (I didn't realise at the time that a pH below 6 is not conductive to growing beneficial bacteria).

Now I keep essentially only wild species bettas. I like splendens and still have two, but they are so prone to randomly dying, or getting sick or damaging their fins or themselves that I have given up on them. Unless I bred my own or found one I really had to have, I couldn't see myself getting anymore.
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When I was very young, around 7 or 8 years old, my mother got me a betta and a ghost shrimp. The "tank" was very small since she listened to the pet store employees, but we changed out the tank fairly often. I don't remember much past that. But I came home from school one day and my betta was dried up on the floor, and my ghost shrimp was gone. It upset me pretty badly.

I went into Petsmart one day and I saw the bettas just sitting there, on death row.. I almost put that in quotations, but that is literally what that shelf is for them.. I decided to get a betta, but I kept him in a 3 gallon with no heater. I did some research and set him up properly. I got a few more boys after that, then I found the forum. Now, I'm addicted.

I'm a sucker for cuties in need.. I even purchased a betta once, a red CT that I named Creedence - he was so "ugly" that the salesperson actually offered to give him to me for free!
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My son loves fish and the Aquarium. Well that is too expensive to do everyday so I would take him to different pet stores to look at fish (he's 2) and after one week going EVERYDAY I decided to just get one to bring home so he can see a fish everyday. Once I brought Jack home and started building his happy tank I got the craving to have another! I am getting a free tank, grave, and heater in the next few days and then probably after Christmas will go pick out my new Betta friend.
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Well when I was a child I owned a goldfish named Goldie who was huge and lived a long time. That was all knew of the fish world. Then two years ago my hubby and I wanted to get a fish. We started off with a goldfish we got at Walmart....and it died within two days. Our son was sad

Hubby suggested we get a betta because he had one when he was younger and said they usually live for a few years and they're not too difficult to care for. We went to Petco and got our beautiful blue veiltail Nemo. He was with us for two years before he passed away.

Our son this time was heartbroken when Nemo died. As was I. Seriously I cried! I liked Nemo but it wasn't until he was gone that I realized how much I loved him and just the general love I have for bettas as a whole.

So we went out and brought home a new guy we named Splash. He's been with us for close to a month, we bought him from Petsmart, and so far he's awesome. When I got Splash I stumbled across this site. And I have learned so much here.
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Location: Central Texas
I got my first betta after I fish sat for a neighbor. I completely fell in love with Buddy so I went out and got my own. Then I ended up getting Buddy because my neighbor didn't want to take proper care of him. She said he wasn't made of gold and could easily be replaced.
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When I was a child (probably 5-6), I remember my parents buying a few bettas for us (my brother and I). Unfortunately, my parents did not research proper betta fish care, and the poor things lived in probably 1/2 gallon bowls/vases for their entire lives. I remember always thinking that the cups and tiny bowls must be cruel, despite what I had been told by my parents and pet store employees. We also always seemed to have at least one tropical community tank- which was equally uncared for- but I eventually gave mine to a family friend because the filter was too loud for me to sleep (at this time I was probably 13).

A few months later, my room just seemed very empty and lonely without any fish, so I decided to get a betta. However, I was then old enough to disregard what I had previously been told about betta fish (and just fish in general) care, and did my own research on the subject. Of course, once I learned about proper fish care, I was horrified by what I had believed as a child and the subpar care my previous pets had received. So, my new betta was housed in a heated, filtered, 5.5 gallon tank.

It did take a little while for me to amass the necessary knowledge to keep truly healthy and stable tanks, but I then moved on to rescue quite a few fish over the next few years. The last of my bettas died of natural causes a year and a half ago, and I am now waiting to get back into the aquarium hobby until I have a bit more time on my hands (I am a prevet student right now, hoping to attain a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine and become a surgeon). During breaks, however, I am working on conducting research about various fish ailments because I have found that research in this field is sorely lacking (unfortunately, it just doesn't pay). So, I figure that I should take advantage of the time I have now (I probably won't have much spare time in my future) and make a worthwhile contribution to the aquarium hobby :)
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