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2.5g Betta Tank

This is the Doctor's tank, a small 2.5g... filled with small reject plants from work, drift wood, 3i Tetra filter, 50w aqueon heater and ZugZug the Zebra Nerite snail.

So Parrots of the World finally has Amano Algae Eating Shrimp in stock. I want one. But the question is, will my tank suffer if I add one? :C

I was told Amano shrimp will defend themselves from bullies like my Betta, who's successfully murdered 3 ghost shrimp so far (1 was a midnight snack!).

So I already have the Doctor (DSDTPK) and ZugZug (Zebra Nerite w/ a mutated shell)... Adding one shrimp that's, give or take, 1 inch in length... Should I try it?
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I wouldn't. In a tank that size even a snail, what bioload is through the roof, is pushing it. Plus, I heard that the 3i aren't very good as far as filters go.
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