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It is always best to take advice from a petstore employee with a grain of salt and do your own research instead, like you are doing. Sadly the employees at most stores are very poorly educated on proper betta care.

They likely use this feeding routine for their bettas in those tiny cups to help reduce the amount of waste and therefore buildup of ammonia so they can use that excuse not to change the water very often(which is just plain horrible if you ask me, even temporarily). However, as a regular feeding schedule, this would leave a betta extremely malnourished and underfed. After you get the Omega One, you should offer him 2-3 pellets twice per day and you can offer frozen foods like Bloodworms, Brine Shrimp, and/or Krill as treats for a little variety/more balanced diet replacing a meal a couple of times per week. You can offer freeze-dried foods as well/instead, but frozen is a little better.
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I had the same problem.. I had the TetraBetta pellets. I was planning on getting the Omega One pellets, but they were out, and the Spectrum pellets are a bit on the expensive side. I have Aqueon pellets now and he loves them. It took him less than a second to eat the first one I gave him, after he hadn't eaten for days.

TetraBetta pellets do not have incredibly great ingredients. The Aqueon ingredients are healthier, and the Spectrum and Omega One pellets are better yet. Some bettas are just picky, but you don't want to get him hooked on bloodworms only.

Plus, the Aqueon pellets (not sure about the other two) are significantly smaller than the TetraBetta pellets and are much easier for my fish to eat!
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