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Old 12-07-2012, 12:59 AM   #1 
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Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Interesting story about petsmart

So the boyfriend and I were recently in a petsmart on the south side of the city. And we were just going in for some more filters and a few ghost shrimps. As we were waiting for the girl to collect some ghost shrimp, we were standing over at the Bettas browsing (I know such a bad idea), and as we were there this girl comes up to us and says "I wouldn't buy Bettas here, our supplier is bad." To be honest this girl didn't seem to know the difference between a fork and a spoon honestly. And I told her "we already have ten Bettas, some of which we have bought here and are in perfect condition." And she was surprised. All I was thinking of seriously you call this customer service? Needless to say, we went over to find dog food too, and coincidentally she asked if we needed help, and we asked about a dog food again, and she was again blaming suppliers.

I work in the customer service industry myself, and I just couldn't believe that. Because anyone who manages or has worked in customer service knows, that sales mean hours.

And just a sad add on, we were there just last night again, and when we pulled up there was a woman on the ground out in front of the store, so we got out, and my boyfriend (has first aid) asked if she was alright, we looked down and could see she slipped on ice and broke her leg. So he asked me to go into the store and let someone know, and when I got in there I just talked to the first young boy, and told him he should make someone aware. The manager of the store that was on at this time, was too busy helping a customer, that he didn't even go out and check on the lady. And the young guy just stood there and didn't even say a thing. Then as we were purchasing our stuff, all the manager said is "we told the property manager to take care of the parking lot" with a smile as though he didn't even care about the elderly woman.

This petsmart location has lost a customer in my boyfriend and I, as I feel pretty much all of this is unacceptable.

Long winded rant sorry.
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Old 12-07-2012, 11:16 AM   #2 
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Location: Elgin, IL
Considering Petsmart requires employees to up-sell customers (or attempt to) in the terms of employment, I'm surprised you found one that didn't pretend everything was hunky-dory. Of course, she may have been disgruntled.

Shame about the old lady. They're technically correct in that the property manager is required to perform the maintenance and grounds-keeping, but I can't really imagine they'd see her out there and just leave her. That speaks more to the quality of individual than the quality of the chain, itself.

Of course, in this legality-twisted world, it may be a company policy that employees not engage anyone that needs assistance that isn't inside the store itself.
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Old 12-08-2012, 12:59 AM   #3 
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Location: Santa Ana, CA
You have a lot of patience, with my temper I would have been straight in that managers face. Customers are important but safety comes first. Manager SHOULD have the number to call to get someone out there. Also with that whole supplier BS. I would have had it in my mind to say I am calling the number and lets see what song you'll sing to them.
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Old 12-08-2012, 05:37 PM   #4 
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I was in our PS today, and the bettas looked... poor to put it mildly. Two employees told me their recent shipments have been really bad.
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Old 12-08-2012, 05:50 PM   #5 
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Oh no! I will not go there either! I get so annoyed when people are that rude! I hope that lady is okay, you folks have good hearts!
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