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Hasn't eaten for months...

My little pet store Betta can be calculated to be about 5 years old now. He's basically had fin rot since the day I got him and it has always been a struggle keeping him healthy. Somehow, he may it through it all, and now I'm starting to wonder if this fish is invincible.

The past 6 months or so he has shut down completely, probably due to age or unknown illness. He doesn't swim around anymore, just lays on the bottom, on his side. Many times I have mistaken him for being dead, but he still breathes on. Every couple hours he will shoot to the top to get air.

He has a 10 gallon, heated, filtered tank, it's hard for him to make it to the top when he does shoot up, then he just floats right back down.

This blows my mind. I thought he was dying, but he's always still alive. He's always suffering. He hasn't eaten in 6 months! I wish I was making that up, but I'm not. I put the food in, he can't even move to eat it, and then I pick it up later, repeat. How can a fish that hasn't eaten this long still be living? The only thing I can think of is particles of the food somehow find their way to his gaping mouth. I know he hasn't eaten for sure, because I still see it there and get it out.

I can't bring myself to "put him to sleep", but I don't think there is any kind of cure for his problem. I'm at a loss what to do with my invincifish. He is suffering so much. Any advice would be appreciated.
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My only suggestion is to lower his water level so he doesn't have to swim so far to get air. I hope someone else has some suggestions for you.
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Bettas won't last 6 months without food so he's getting it from somewhere. He can last weeks but not that long.

5 years is a good life for a betta, but if you can give more info like here we might be able to provide more help:
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