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Old 11-29-2012, 07:54 AM   #1 
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Petsmart being smart

I went into Petsmart last night to get some stuff for my cat, but of course I had to look at the bettas. They're usually near the front of the store on the end of an aisle. But yesterday the place they usually keep them had a sign taped on it that said, "Bettas have been moved to the back of the aisle. It's too cold up here!" I thought that was pretty smart. As a customer, I never noticed that the cold air from the doorway is always coming in, as it's only 3 aisles up from the door. I guess when you work there you realize how cold it is, but me coming in with my winter coat on never thought of the draft right there. So I thought that was pretty cool of them to think of that.
Also, they must have gotten a new shipment in yesterday. There were like, 6 gorgeous bettas I wanted to take home!! One of them was a red HM butterfly betta with some alternate blue metallic scales (I don't know if that's the way you describe it, though. So that might not make sense. haha). They had some others like that, but they were solid red. They had this really awesome yellow VT, and a dragonscale that was almost pure white. I tried justifying getting the red one, but I don't have anywhere to put it right now! I'm getting a free 10 gallon from my mom's friend () And I'm dividing it to put my three current bettas in it, so I was like, "Hmmm... then I'll have an empty 5 gallon tank..." But no, I only want to have 1 tank right now that I have to do water changes on. Not 2 like I would if I put him in the 5. Then I tried to justify getting it for my mom. Haha. Because she expressed wanting one before. But she would totally forget to feed it and not want to do water changes. So I had to leave it. Waah!
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I'm very glad to hear about Petsmart! I think that sometimes the level of care of the fish depends on the employees... They don't seem to care if their employees have a high understanding of fish or not, but some do decide to educate themselves :)

And I know what you mean about not wanting to leave without a new betta... It's a very common problem, here :p
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Old 11-29-2012, 09:36 PM   #3 
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I work at PetSmart, and we do move our betta's too. We really do care a lot about the animals.
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Like I said, I think it depends on each individual store and it's employees.

I went into walmart today and the cups were all stacked on top of each other covering the holes, so I restacked them pyramid-like to make sure the ones on the bottom could breathe, and made sure to tell an employee about it. His response was, "Oh, I didn't notice they did that. It was probably one of the pet section employees. I'll be sure to tell them not to do that."

Like he knew what he was talking about...

Sorry we don't have a Petsmart :p
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