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Question Singing advice

If any of you guys are good at singing, particularly people who can sing really high, I really need your help. So my school is putting on a musical, and I'm going to be auditioning. The song I have to sing has a couple high notes that I can't hit. The song is for altos, which I am, and probably wouldn't be too much trouble for a regular alto, but my singing range is quite limited. If any of you have advice on how to hit the high notes,I would greatly appreciate it SO MUCH. Thanks!!!
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I have no idea. Km sorry I can't help but I know there are a few people here who could answer your question, one person in particular who hasn't been on here in awhile.
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I'm not a very good teacher but sing from the diaphragm and not the throat. Try flexing your stomach muscles when singing to achieve both clear and constant notes, and the higher the pitch and harder the note the more you try to flex the muscles. Over time this will become more natural and will also allow you to achieve a vibrato, the vibration of a note so common amongst great singers.

Also if you want to hear you own voice cup your hand partially around your ear and down slightly towards your mouth when you sing, this will enable you to adjust your voice accordingly.
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Perry the platypus
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I do sing alongs and I can help. It's kind of like screaming but it's quieter.
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Location: Texas
Okay, this is kind of hard to do over typing, but I'll try. I'm a music ed student at college, and I'm not a vocalist, but I do know the basics of singing and have managed to increase my range significantly over this past semester.

Make sure you have proper posture, stand up straight making sure your feet are about hip-width apart, aline your knees above your feet (but don't lock them lol) this next part sounds weird, but you have to "open your hips" like, pretend that there are eyes looking forward on your hips, and they're closed when you stand normally, and you have to open them. Shoulders should be aligned over your hips, back straight, and head up nice and high (but don't tilt your head forward or backward) last, hold your sternum up (that bone that holds your ribcage together in the middle), pretend there's a chain holding you up from the ceiling that's attached to your sternum, like it's being lifted.

Range wise, find a piano and start with your low range
On a 5 note scale from sol, fa, mi, re, do (going down from G4) go down chromatically from G4 to F#4 to F4 etc. Starting on the syllable "ooo", when that gets a little hard, switch to "oh" and then to "ah"

To expand upper range, there are a few exercises I can recommend:
1. do, mi, re, fa, me, sol, fa, re, do (1,3,2,4,3,5,4,2,1) Start on middle C (C4) and go up by half steps until you can't go any higher
2. I love, I love, I love to sing (sol, do, sol, do, sol, do, sol, mi, do) (5,8,5,8,5,8,5,3,1) up by half steps from G4

It's very important to do warm ups before practicing your song, make sure you're all nice and relaxed, breathing properly, all that good stuff. This is a warm up that we do in our vocal perspectives class (every thing I mentioned every day) and it has helped me a lot.

I hope this helps some, mostly, expanding range just takes time. If you still can't get it and you're having problems, go talk to your director/conductor, they can probably help you more than I. Also, if you're really serious about continuing singing, get yourself some voice lessons that you go to every week, this will help you a lot with your range, skills and getting into contests etc, in the future :)
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Defintitely work on your range.
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