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Question What Kind of Tank?

Good afternoon everyone!

I made the newbie Betta owner mistake of trusting a Betta kit.

It was a .5 gallon tank. Later, I felt guilty with my Betta in there, so I upgraded to a 1 gallon tank.

This morning, after a brief battle with a fungal infection of some sort, my Betta died.

I'd definitely like to get another one, (I'm hooked on Bettas I think).

So, my question to you is: What tank should I get?

I'm limited on space, so I can probably only get a 5 gallon or so. And should it come with a filter? And if so, what kind? I read that sometimes they can be too strong for a Betta's fins.

Also, it's been a decade since I last cared for a large tank, so how do I clean the rocks?

I want to do it right this time!
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Hello, and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry your betta died.
Everyone makes mistakes, just remember to research first for any animal. :)

It really just depends on the owner. Do you want those normal glass rectangular tanks or those tanks that come it kits? I personally like the glass rectangular ones so I can start off in scratch but it's really your choice.
Filters are always great to have, but it isn't really necessary. You have an opportunity to cycle your tank, it's a benefit for you but also for your fish. Read about cycling here, here, and here. I recommend sponge filters as it doesn't suck up fins and some have a really gentle flow. 5 gallons isn't really big. Tanks 29 gallons and up are considered normal. 5 and below are considered nano.
To clean the gravel just put it in a bucket, wash it under warm tap water several times until it's clear, and then carefully put it in the tank.

Happy betta-keeping! :D
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Welcpme Solaris
I too am a new betta owner and had to upgrade after false info from store clerk. My Betta(Finnegan) lives at my office on my desk actually, and I too have limited space, I opted for a 2.5 g tank(aqueon mini bow), but that was before switching to live plants(from silk plants) and now I am thinking of getting a bigger tank that can still fit on my desk, as we both like looking at each other throughout the day.

I think petsmart still has 50% off their Aqueon if your interested(they hav 5g tanks too)

The filter was a little too strong so I cut a toe of a nylon stocking and put on the intake part of the filter , and all is well.To clean gravel I use a turkey baster ,gravel vacuum is what should be used but my tank does not have enough clearance for it.
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