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Old 02-23-2008, 04:57 PM   #1 
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new betta...

ok so ive had my betta for about a month now he in a small fish bolw,, no plants,,, and he was doing fine but now he seems to be down all the time he not swimming as much he jus t sitting at the bottom of his bowl for long periods of time the only time he comes up is when i go to feed him...
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King of Candlesticks
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lol alright you ready for this?

To have a happy active betta you should get:

A bigger tank (around 3 gallons Petsmart sells a nice 2.5 gallon tank for 10 bucks) with gravel

a few Fake or live (I prefer live) plants to provide hiding and comfort

a micro heater (Bettas need a temp around 78 degrees)

and a variety of foods (blood worms, pellets, brine shrimp)

If I missed anything someone let me know lol.

Good Luck,
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You should get a test kit too, to test the pH, nitrate, and nitrite levels.
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Not sure what is in that kit but a filter is a good idea too. It means you won't need to change most of his water several times each week but only half once instead. Also don't forget the water conditioner so you don't expose your betta to the chlorine in city water.
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