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Care of Assassin Snails?

Hi, I'm thinking about getting some Assassin snails for my 10gal NPT. I'll have one male betta and some RCS, not sure how many yet.

I was wondering how many can you have in one tank? Is it recommended to only have one? I don't want them to attack each other, especially since I won't have any common snails in there for them to hunt on. How often do they reproduce if I have more than one? I opted not to get MTS since I don't want to manually remove a bunch of them all the time.

How about feeding? Like I said it is a NPT so there will be organic material, but I want them to have enough so they dont eat each other or my shrimp. I was recommended algae wafers for my shrimp, would they like this too? Also, adding extra fish food is an option I heard, but I'm unsure how you'd do this without having your fish eat it instead and overfeeding it.

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they are meat eaters,u can feed them frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp, you can have loads in a tank that size, start off with 3 - 5 and see if they will breed for you,from what i hear they reproduce very slow and theres always the chance that u could get all males or all females and then they will never breed.
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