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Breeding daphnia for betta food?

Hello! :D

So my friend's friend who used to have bettas and has HUGE awesome planted tanks told me where I could find live food nearby(daphnia and brine+GHOST SHRIMP FOR MY TANK YESSS :D)

Anyways, I'm planning to go to the shop on Friday to purchase some daphnia. I might get some shrimp later and a snail if they have any.

Do/have any of you bred daphnia as to reduce costs? I'm not sure how expensive they will be, but I'm always one for saving a buck or two if it's simple enough and doesn't take too much time :) Is it a good idea? How does one breed daphnia? xD (I can't imagine it being too complicated?)

Also, how much daphnia should I feed Fred? He eats basically anything(literally anything...tries to eat the pipette tip xD) on freeze dried blood worms(one about every other day?) and omega one pellets. I stopped giving him hikari pellets, but I have those as well as far as foods go.

LASTLY, can they sit in the bag for a bit(I don't know how you purchase them either xD in little cups or bags?)? On Friday, I am staying in town for a while before heading back home(pet shop is close to the studio). Will they be okay? or do they need some kind of bucket to swim around in? (I don't see how that's much different from a bag/cup though xD)

How long do they last? How many should I get? (what units are they sold in?)

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Sena Hansler
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I just ad live plants to my spawn tank, and let the spawn tank be as is (with cleaning of course) with a bubbler before even breeding my fish The daphnia is usually in the tanks already believe it or not. Live plants help a lot too.

not sure about breeding, raising, etc, for me they just appear. How old is "fred"?
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