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Exclamation Get off the floor Al!

I can't take it anymore. I have done so much research that my head hurts. My lovely betta, Al (for albino, even though I guess he's not really) has been laying on the rocks of his tank for months now. At first I thought it was bloat. So I didnít feed him as often and when I did it was a little bit of a pea. His tummy doesnít look as swollen as it used to so I donít think thatís it anymore. I bought him at a pet store over a year ago. He used to make large lovely bubble nest, flair up at everyone, jumping out of the water and was basically acting like a dog! He was so much fun!

Now, heís always on the bottom twisted in these very awful looking positions. I change his water weekly with reverse osmoses purified water and donít add anything to treat it. (this is what the pet store told me to do). He is in a 2 gallon tank and gets his decorations changed weekly to keep him happy. But now, he can hardly swim to the top to get air. Iíve lowered the water level to about half so he doesnít have to go as far and he sits on his hammock so he just sticks his head out to breath. He gets 2 to 3 blood worms a day (sometimes every other day depending on how much poop I can see through him) and he eats all that I give him. He has a heater and his water is at a steady 76 degrees.

He also always has this nasty white looking stuff floating on the top of the water! I have to take a paper towel and soak it up regularly. Its back within 24 hours after a full water change.

What is this white stuff (itís nothing like a bubble nest)? Why does his water stink all the time ( I know this sounds silly but itís really a bad fishy smell lately)? Why is he no fun anymore? He doesnít even flair up at himself! Is he just old and dying? I feel bad for the guy and thought itís time to ask the experts.

Sorry so lengthy but I want you to know all the detail! Thanks for your help for my little guy!
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Sorry your fella isn't well, its hard to say what is wrong, however, if you are not adding any minerals to the R/O water-he could be suffering from the long term effect from that and possible poor nutrition.

What I would recommend-is getting some dechlorinator and start making 25% water changes with a 50/50 mix of your tap water and R/O water-along with the proper amount of dechlorinator. Make these water changes every 15min for about an hour or to his tolerance today. Then lower the water level by half and make 25% water changes daily for a few days using the 50/50 mix. Then re-eval.

Nutrition-good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals and if you have access to any live mosquito larva-offer several rinsed a couple of times a day to boost protein/nutrition intake to support the immune response.

As for the surface/protein scum-generally this is not uncommon in unfiltered tanks. It is usually caused by either the fish food, other organics in the system, something on your hands or it can be due to the environment itself. Using the paper towel the way you are doing is about all you can do-As long as the surface scum doesn't get too thick to impede gas exchange within the system-it shouldn't be problematic for the Betta.

Good luck and keep us posted....
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Thank you so much! I never thought about the actual good things in tap water! Going to get started right away and head to the pet store for some new food tonight! THANK YOU!!!!!
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