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Sorority Tank - One of them is afraid of the light?

Hi, I recently started a sorority tank with 4 betta females. they seemed to get along fine after some chasing, but 3 of them started to gang up one the 4th, so i added 2 more to the tank. It stopped alot of the bullying. There is still some chasing but the fin nipping seems to have stopped.

One of the new bettas seems to be pretty vocal. When i first added her, she had very clear aggression strips (vertical strips, can mean aggression or breeding, but in this case mostly aggression i assumed). After a while it went away and everyone seems to have found their place in the hierarchy. I started turning the aquarium lights on at night (I kept it off when i was introducing them to give them more shadows among the plants to hide).

Everytime the lights are on, all the color on this betta seems to fade and very clear stress strips appears. When i turn it off, it goes away after a while and reappears when i turn it on again. None of the other bettas are bothering her. Is she afraid of the dark?

tank specs:
10 gallon
no filter (planted)
no heater (water temp 75 degrees, will put one in if it drops lower than 70)
9 small java fern
some java moss on shell and rocks
hornworts (some weighted down some floating)
Soft plastic plants (until the other plants grows fully)
6 VT betta females
6 ghost shrimps

1 cup daily water change, 30% weekly water change
used double dose stress coat (fin repair from the initial introductions)
6 day- day and night feeding, one day fasting
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Interesting. Do you have a regular schedule for the lights? I have mine on timers, they come on around noon off around 8 PM. They need a day/night cycle so the 1st thing I'd do, if you don't already, is get a routine time frame for the lights. It is possible she stresses some because she knows when the lights on she gets picked on. I have one female who shows stress some but it always goes away even with the lights on. Looking at your tank, IMO, they need more cover.
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