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Sena Hansler
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You can also use a turkey baster to get the gunk off the bottom of the tank :)
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TFK Moderator
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If you vibrate your finger or a chop stick on the water surface, newly hatched fry will approach the vibration. What I do is vibrate in an area then slowly bring them to where I want to feed. Do it a few times and most of your fry should be in one place. . . . (male feed fry by vibrating his pectoral vigorously. Instinctively fry will approach the vibration).

Water quality IMO is the key. I have more success raising fry in many 1g tanks with 1-2 days 50-90% water change compared to my 40-50g tanks. I always assume 25 fry in a 50g would need less water change compared to 50 fry in a 1g. But the 25 get sick while the 50 thrive. So you need to do more water changes. Plants and pump/filter will help with water quality.

If I use big tanks, I do 20-30% every 2-3 days and total clean out every month (about 4 weeks).
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Once babies are free swimming I do 50% water changes daily.
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thank you, all.
thats great information =]
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