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gravel cleaning in breeding tanks

hi all

i have some biggish black gravel from petco in my fluval spec 5 gallon tank.

i have a male and female adf in there,i also have about 15 - 20 mts and 3 assasin snails..

i want everything in this tank to mate and multiply, frogs and snails. i know this might not be possible but ill let nature take its course and see what happens..

last couple times i water changed i vacumed the gravel and lots of stuff came out,.most likely uneaten frozen blood worms,some food flakes and some dying java moss i think

should i stop vacuming the gravel alltogether in case i am sucking up snail eggs and maybe baby snails that are too small to see with my naked eye??

the tanks not fully cycled so im just afraid the rotting uneaten food in the substrate might cause alot of ammonia build up if im not vacuming every 3 - 4 days
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No. snail eggs will be attached to decorations or tank walls not be buried inside of the gravel.
I'm not sure where ADF's put there eggs, but I doubt that they are hidden in gravel as well.
Continuing using your gravel vac would be the best idea.
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