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Missed all of you!

Been avoiding this forum because I've dreaded updating my signature, as I lost 2 of my sweetie bettas in the past few months: Aiden, probably my most beautiful fish, succumbed to a bacterial infection after making a remarkable comeback- and IMHY, had columnaris and RECOVERED with kanamycin, such a sweet spirited fish, and then to my horror my divider developed a tear and his fishmate got through and ripped him apart while I was at work. He was still alive when I got home and I immediately got him out- he passed away in a small hospital tank at my bedside that night.

And then Caleb, my cat and soulmate for the past 16 years passed away- he died at home with us over Halloween, no vets, no pain.

So I've finally logged back in to this forum, changed my signature, and must say, I've missed all of you!

I must welcome my (sort of) newcomers: Aiden was always paired with Arabia in the same tank forever, and he immediately knew when Aiden died, so obviously I had to get him a new mate- welcome Allie, a very beautiful white male CT- had him for a few months- they are quite well-paired, with many chats at their divider about me being late with feedings...
Welcome Sandy: beautiful white and coral male HM, now where IMHY was, in a divided tank with Boo Radley. Can't say Boo wanted another mate per se, since he's the one that killed IMHY, but Sandy looked so lonely at the pet store, and since I'm a sucker... Plus Sandy is quite hardy and if the divider ever broke down again (which I will make sure it doesn't), Boo may have his hands (fins) full!
And lastly welcome Cody: Very sweet adopted maincoon 8mo kitty, to give our other kitty company since our loss, who has quickly become a part of us.

Glad to be back on this forum! Will now peruse and catch up on what I've missed!

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Welcome back (although i wasnt here before you left)
So sorry for your losses!!
Your new fur & fin babies sound awesome! you should post some pics when you have time :)
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