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LittleBettaFish - i have not checked the water parametets since my betta died. The water parameters were fine when he was still in there. This is what i have done so far:

I did a 100% water change. However i cleaned my gravel and the filter, etc in the old tank wayer as i am worried to lose all my good bacteria. The water is much clearer now. Maybe the water was a little cloudy due to bacteria? Not sure. Apparently a bacterial disease shows external symptoms and there was none of that. I believe it was a parasite that harmed my betta. Anyways ive got the heater on to 26 degrees celcius and the filter running. I am going to the pet store now to get another fish. And i have the made the decision to not use a ph stabiliser.

However if my ph gets too high, what are the necessary steps to take when this occurs? Incase for future reference.

And i will do some more research on TDS as im unsure as to what that means lol
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Sena Hansler
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I have seen PH at 8.0 with no problems other than maybe fin curling on crowntails. I would use IAL or driftwood as a temporary drop if only need be. I've never really had a problem. (Wonder what my PH is now?)
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It depends on what is driving your pH up. If your water has a very high carbonate hardness (KH) it is going to be near impossible to lower the pH without cutting your tap water with something like RO (Reverse Osmosis) water.

If you have some kind of rock or substrate that is driving up the hardness of your water it could be as simple as removing this and seeing how things go. Calcium carbonate such as that found in limestone, shells and dead/crushed corals is usually the main culprit in cases like this.

If your fish has died and your tank is empty, I would definitely look at purchasing some pure ammonia (it shouldn't have any surfactants/detergents in it) and use this to help feed your beneficial bacteria until you re-stock. This way you can avoid having to re-cycle your entire tank again because your bacteria have all starved.
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