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Post My Betta Seems Mopey...

So I bought my betta last Saturday from Petsmart. I have a 2.5 gal tank with heater (temperature at 78 degrees), amazon sword natural plants, no filter, a small air stone, and my water has been conditioned with Amquel for about an hour and a half before placing my betta inside.

I've never had a betta before, so this has been a little exciting for me to start with one. I wanted to get a bigger tank (like 10-15 gallons or so), but didn't have enough money or space to get it at this time. So I decided to go with a 2.5 gallon, as people say that bettas can thrive in that environment. I haven't done a water change yet because my ammonia and pH levels are all OK (I plan on doing one this Saturday, then every 3 days after that).

But despite all of that, my betta just likes to live on the top of the tank in the corner. He hasn't made a bubble nest yet (probably too early?) and he doesn't seem to swim around that often. There's no tearing in his fins, no spots, and he looks absolutely beautiful. He doesn't have any bloating or any noticeable problems.

Is this normal behavior for a betta? I've seen others that will swim around the whole tank and be really lively. Maybe I am just being too impatient and paranoid? Haha. Thanks for the help!
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My newest Betta did that at first, and he also flared at everything like he was claiming his territory. He didn't really start exploring for about three or four days, but all of them are different. He will probably spend the majority of his time near the surface since that is where he gets his air.

I would read all of the symptoms on the Betta diseases and treatments stickies 1 & 2 on the Betta diseases and emergencies sub forum to know what warning signs to look for.

You can try interacting with him. Hold a mirror up to his tank or put your fingers or other new objects in the tank to see if he gets curious. They are very curious fish in general, but sometimes it can take a bit of time for them to warm up. Just know what symptoms to look for if he ever happens to fall ill.
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Welcome :) Sounds like you have a god home for your betta..

A couple tips - don't need an air stone, bettas use their labyrinth organ to breathe at the surface.. an air stone does nothing for them, other than creates a disturbance at the surface which could make it a bit more difficult for them to get air. It may also be causing him to stress a little, as he isn't used to a water current - they are grown (and naturally live) in motionless water.

As far as water changes.. with a live plant in it that will help keep the water a bit cleaner, so the water changes will be a bit different. Normally a 2.5g unfiltered you would be doing 1 50% and 1 100% per week.. but the plant uses the fish waste as fertilizer, so you don't want to be doing 100%s with the plant in there.
I'd recommend 1 50% (siphon/vacuum the gravel every other week) per week.. if you want to be a little more cautious then you can throw in an added 25% each week as well.

The water conditioner works instantly - always dose for the full size of the tank when doing water changes, a quick swish will help distribute it. Don't need to wait hours or days before using the water.

Unsure exactly why he is in the corner - could be from the bubbler causing him stress, that is he still adjusting to his new home and just needs more time. Sometimes a larger tank can be scary to a fish who is used to cups.

Is he eating?

Good luck with your little guy, it looks like you are doing a good job at giving him a good home :)
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How much flow does the air stone make? When I was younger and didn't know better, I had my betta in a 1 gallon tank with a bubbler. He spent the rest of his life in the corner because the bubbler was too strong.
Also, check for signs of illness. Clamped fins and tail is a sign of stress and/or illness. He could just be taking time to adjust, but keep an eye on him. You'll also want to watch for velvet (common among petstore bettas). You may need to take a flashlight to look for a gold or rust colored "dust" anywhere on his body, especially around his gills. If you see any, he's got velvet, and he'll need treatment. Severe cases will look like a coating rather than dust.
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2.5 gallon tank, betta, mopey

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