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My Cories finish there flakes fast. Eating is the only time they move besides hitting the surface.
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My betta decided to try some of my snails algae wafer and immediatly spit it out like he was disgusted. He hasnt touched them since.
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feeding corries with bettas in the tank is a challenge.
I end up having to stir the water up at feeding time, hoping some of the pellets (since the will sort of sink) will reach the corries. I also try tossing some shrimp pellets in the down pour.

It's true, if they see the shrimp pellets fall, or perhaps they smell it. The girls will fight for the food. Trying to hide some just in the substrate? They will dig it up. Under the driftwood? They will wriggle under it. At least my girls will. Gotta get really creative.
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Yeah that's my next idea... I have a whole bunch of slate rocks I can built little areas that I might could insert the food under just for the corys. Yeah and my corys have just about dug a tunnel under my drift wood already, but the bettas often go there to see what the corys are up to. My bettas are smart and pay attention to what the corys do. When a cory is stopped and investigating or grouping up in an area, the bettas immediately head over to see what its about!

SO now my plan is to put a couple of aqua stones in a clearing. Put food down, then cover it with a slate rock. The corys will be able to get in there to the food, and the bettas may be less likley to venture in such a tight space.... can't be too tight or the corys get stuck.
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