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About heaters, I didn't have heaters in my tanks all summer because I kept my apartment warm. Most of the time I didn't use the A/C unless the temp in my tanks got too hot (over 85). But there was never a huge fluctuation in temperature. My 5 gal. stayed between 80 and 82 all the time. It was only my one gallon that would fluctuate a bit more. I didn't have to get heaters until September. So if your office temp stays the same all the time and is above 76, I wouldn't worry about a heater. Usually offices are not kept that warm, though. (I know my office isn't! I have to have a space heater under my desk and wear layers to work in order to keep comfortable!). So just make sure you have a thermometer to monitor the temp and if the water goes below 76, then you need to get a heater.
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76 might be a little low. 77-83F is best but Bettas seem best in 80F. 80-82 is a pretty big change in temp.
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I just got done fighting a terrible algea problem as well.
I suggest doing a 80% water change with a good gravel vacuuming. and then get an unused sponge w.o chemicals to clean the walls off with. Then take all the plants out and rub them with your fingers in the water you just took out of the tank to get what algea you can off of them. if this doesnt work and if you have another tank/bowl that isnt already fully stocked I'd suggest getting either a snail, or an oto or two, and after the algea is gone from that bowl moving them into another tank.
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