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adf issues

i have 2 adf frogs about 2 weeks, yesterday i found one dead,no obvious signs or damage to his body,no ammonia or nitrates in the water. im using a fluval 5 gallon spec tank, i have been checkin the temperature and yesterday and today the thermometer is reading about 65 - 66, i think maybe the heat is the cause? today the remaining frog has been sittin up out of the water on a perch,i caught him doing this twice,so i think there must be soemthing wrong with the water,after a test and seeing that my ammonia and nitrates and nitrites are all down i think maybe the water is too cold for the using a fluval 25 wat heater,its slim and black and fits in the back of the filter box.

it says on the box its preset to 75 degrees and will stay there,obviously this is not happening, what should i do? im gonna put the frog into my 14 gallon with my preset heater in there as i know its at 76 in that tank,can i return the heater to petsmart,is there a better one i can get that is small enough to fit in the small spot on the back of the tank?
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Preset heaters are pretty much garbage IMO.

Unless you live in a really warm climate, or keep the temperature of the room in the 80's, those little dinky heaters may have issues maintaining the proper temperature to keep your critters healthy.

If you're in the Northeast, I would highly recommended a 50W-75W heater for a 5G & it has to be ADJUSTABLE in case the thing is miscalibrated or you need raise the heat to compensate for the colder temperatures.
  • What did you feed your froggies? There's a good chance they didn't get enough food.
  • Did you mount your thermometer at the opposite end of the tank? As far from the heater as possible?
  • What brand & model number heater do you have in your 14G?
  • How much was the 25W preset heater?
  • ADF's hang out all over the tank, so couldn't tell if that's a factor since I don't know what your setup looks like.

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Join Date: Oct 2012
Location: Mass,USA
feeding them bloodworms,they always got enough food as its only them and snails in the tank and i witnessed them eating every night and the bellys having little buldges in them wen done feeding.

the heater cost me 32 dollars in petco,im living in massachusettes so its pretty cold here right now

my 14g heater came with my aqueon 14 gallon tank kit,its 50 watt aga50 model,can be adjusted on the top, only about 6 weeks old..

thermometer is actually over near the heater now that i think of it.

the reason i got that heater was coz its the fluval one,same brand as the tank and it fits nicely in the back compartment of the tank, i did have my 50 watt aqueon heater in the tank but it did not fit in the back compartment and therefor the lid did not close properly on the aquarium due to the heaters wire goin out over the side of the tank where its not got any groves in the lid to fit through..

i think i will bring this heater back to petco but i dont have the receipt,im not sure on their return policy,i do have a pals card so mayb if they check their system it will show i had bought a heater?not sure. but them they would probably only give me store credit so im limited to buying whatever heater they have in the store.

ill keep an eye on my frog in the 14 gallon,but its almost twice as high as the 5 he was in so i just hope hes able to get up for air,i dont want to put him back into the 5 gallon because if hes constantly sitting out on a perch above the water then hes not happy in that water..

not sure what to do,i guess a new heater is the first thing to figure out.

im not sure if the 66 temperature is even a problem,it says they like it 70 - 75 but would 66 over a week cause a frog to die,im not sure
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