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new betta owner

So I just came home from the pet store a few hours ago with my very own new Betta fish I have named him King Arthur i bought all the works they said to get him i however only got him a 2 gallon tank with a filter and light. it is nicely furnished i must say. King Arthur was acting sluggish so after i got the water to perfect temperature and transfered him i gave him 2 blood worms which he ate quickly he has been swimming around his fish bowl happily i hope. it looked like he was getting a mane for a while his fins around his head kept flaring out. back and forth it wasn't doing that before and i was a little concerned as it is my first pet fish since a horrible goldfish episode when i was young and i want to take the best care of King Arthur i possibly can.. If anyone can tell me if the flaring is normal that would be great.
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in my experince the flaring os normal, in the wild they like to flair to show off the tails and long fins in my beliefe your betta will be fine.
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One of my bettas flares at everything he sees. he flares at his own reflection in the glass, all of the fish that are in the tank with him and even plants and ornaments. I always interpretted it as he was feeling good and just felt like showing off.
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From what I know of bettas he sees himself in the tank wall and wants to fight. It's a waste of energy and will eventually stress him out too much. Perhaps a tank background will help?
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