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Question Betta's aggressive suddenly?(sorority)

Once again I'm having problems with my sorority. I separated a female recently because she all of a sudden was just getting way too aggressive towards the others, in turn causing a lot of fighting amongst the few. I had determined this was caused by a frog i recently attained(which i immediately removed, to no avail ceasefishfire)

After the separation of the fish, the 5 rest were doing fine till about 4-5days in when (one of)my most calm fish started getting nearly as aggressive as the other was, outright attack mode. I figure it may just be like a reestablishing of the pecking order, but it looks serious as there wasnt ever this much tension.

I had noticed however that the fish i separated has been getting a new strip of black color along the edges of her fins. Is this maturity, and the aggression a the result? I've also had the other fish for the same period of time, assuming the same age

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You will always have an alpha and since you took the alpha out, they are trying to find a new one. Instead of pulling her completely out what you need to do is giver her a "Time Out" Session. This is when you put her in a clear floating container in the tank, never fully seperate females from the sorority unless you intend to keep them out of there. But the clear container allows them to look but not touch, after two weeks in time out they can go back into the sorority and generally there are no issues after that.

I've had a few bullies myself who I've done this to and have had great success with it. For introducing the girl back into the tank, float her in a container for two weeks in the tank much like the actual time out session. She should be able to regain her place as alpha again when she's let in. If she's let in and still bullying everyone, giver her another week in time out; you can do time out for as long as you need. Eventually they do settle down and won't give you much trouble after that.

When introducing new females into a sorority, I do the same thing. Also since you need a quarantining period for new fish so that they don't infect the sorority, you would QT for two weeks and I also use that period as an introductory period where I float the new girl in the tank for two weeks making sure that her water doesn't get into the tank just in case of disease. But the two weeks allows her to get acquainted with the older girls and see who is boss without the older girls ripping her to shreds.

So it's all about the two weeks and the "look but not touch" rule ^_^

Also the black strip, you said it's on her fins? Can you get pictures of this?
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