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Yes, but do we know how stressful flaring is? It's natural, it's a way they communicate.. whether to ward off intruders, breed, etc.

If it gets to be too much, the betta will back away and not flare - self preservation.
If it was deadly, then nature would of had them do something other than flare.

I have bettas who see one another constantly and have no health issues, even the ones who flare whenever they see movement in the other tank. My males who have been in the breeding tank flare constantly when trying to attract/attack the female.

But that's just my opinion.. whether a few minutes a day or all day, the betta should not flare itself to death. I can understand the stress worry.. but these fish have always lived their lives, wild and domesticated, flaring.
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I agree, a little flaring a day is really helpful! I have a tail biter and I didn't ever get to see his tail fins in full length until I showed him the mirror! It does solve bordem (a cause for some tail biters) and its great! His fins have grown back!

He also can see the male in another tank next to him a little but the other guy is very shy so I don't let them see each other all the time. It depends on who your fish is really, my shy guy hides from the mirror.
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I put a mirror in front of mine every now and then. It's good for them to flare every so often.
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I use an old rearview car mirror to exercise some of my bettas kept in larger tanks. The mirror is nice and long and really gets them moving. Most of my bettas just get uncarded to flare/ exercise. I never let them flare for more than 30 minutes.
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