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Alternet breeding methods

I was just reading a post from Indjo about collecting eggs from bad fathers and hatching them in bowl. And it reminded me of this bad YouTube video where a male bred with one female them then imeditlly bred with a second femail in the same nest. Any way has any one tryed any "out the box" breeding methods like Indjo. I was thinking of doing two simultaneously spawns then combing the two nest filled with eggs to be cared for by one father. I'm still new to all this but just some ideas.
Feel free list any fails I'm intersted
Much aloha!
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Are you planning to do 2 spawns or breed a father to 2 females?
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Oldfishlady spawns 1 male to two females all in the same container at the same time. She uses a natural planted method.

I've heard of that - they divided the tank. The pair - the male and the first female in one side and a lone female on the other. Once female 1 is done, she is taken out and female 2 is released and almost immediately embraces. Both females must be/have the same breeding habits (courtship length ) and the male must be a known good father. Otherwise this will fail.

iGoatfish; I'm not trying to discourage you, but your current males won't work.

Another method would be foster father - move the eggs to a different male's nest/eggs. The male must be a known good father too. Some throw away the original foster father's eggs but others hatch both batches. Keep in mind that some males cull their eggs if he doesn't feel comfortable with their numbers compared to the space. And the 2 pairs must spawn at approximately the same time. As far as I know they usually use a male fighter for the foster father.

There are no right nor wrong way to keep and breed this species. What is important is finding what works for you according to the supplies available. Long ago I bred a pair in a bowl by accident (the male jumped into the bowl). My point is that they will breed even in the smallest container (Though unadvised). You could use planted and with lots of hiding places (safer) or you could leave the tank bare.
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Lol your probably right anout my males. But I'm working on it;)
Fabain: not trying to spawn any babys at the moment current have three tanks full of little guys and gals. Just thinking a head

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